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* "...40 year's no way man ! I don't think we even thought about how long the Band might last .
We were just having fun , and trying to keep Rock 'n' Roll alive .
But we knew we'd always be Rock 'n' Roll fans. " - Cavan Grogan (2010)

It was during the early sixties
that the popularity of Rock 'n' Roll music was at it's lowest.

Early Cavan Rokera Mutante

Amongst teenagers at this time, to mention even the words "Rock 'n' Roll", brought scorn.
(Ironic really,when you consider that even the Beatles and the Rolling Stones relied on Chuck Berry songs).
Teddyboys were labelled along with the Greasers and the Ton-up boys
as "Rockers" for their love of the 50's Rock 'n' roll music, which by now was considered out-dated.
So if you were an "oddball" who still loved real wild Rock 'n' Roll - it was impossible to find.
The answer, as far as five teenage Teddyboys from Newport, South Wales
were concerned, was to play it themselves.

Cavans' sound was first heard of as far back as 1964,
when Cavan Grogan, Lyndon Needs and Terry Walley
decided to form a Group which at first was called "Count Dracula and the Vampires"
and later for a short time was known as "The Sundogs".

In 1970 the Band was joined by Don Kinsella and Mike Coffey .
It was the start of "Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers".

For four years they built up fame as a semi- professional unit,
playing their own music, which, influenced by Rockabilly,
Rock 'n' Roll and Country music, became known as "Crazy Rhythm".

By the end of 1973 they had acquired a large following
and there was increasing demand for a record by the Group.
It all resulted in the release of a single and an EP on their own label "Crazy Rhythm".
The demand far exceeded the supply,
however, and very soon these records became collector's items.
Even though they did not perform in many countries, fans from everywhere responded to their music.


To reach more people, the Band decided to become fully professional and soon bookings flowed in thick and fast.
March 1975 stands as a landmark in their development,
for then they were top of the bill at the famous "Lyceum" in London, England.
Fans from all over travelled hundreds of miles to this concert, which turned out to be an enormous success.

From the begining to the present day the Band have enjoyed a highly successful career
and are regarded with great respect and acclaim for their unrivalled contribution to the Rockin' Music Scene .

46 Years on, the Band are still touring , playing in the UK , Europe and beyond
to huge audiences of Fan's who are " Still Crazy "for the dynamic sound and stage presence ofCrazy Cavan n' the Rhythm Rockers.

The Albums still keep coming,( latest album "THE REAL DEAL" was released on 27th October 2015)
each one is a testament to the Band and their unique style .

" Who's Gonna Rock Ya? "
the title of the highly acclaimed Double CD Album,
a chronicle of their musical career, could not be more appropriate .

The simple answer is, no one can " Rock Ya " like Crazy Cavan !!..
The legend continues......


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photo's from the early yearsDewstow February 2010


Seen above on the left a set of photo's released by the Band in tribute to their dear friend and former Bass Guitarist, Don Kinsella RIP, who very sadly passed away in 2016.
On the right in February 2010 at Dewstow Golf Club, South Wales, UK. celebrating their 40th Anniversary
with former bass guitar players, Steve "Vance" Vincent and also Don Kinsella RIP together with drummer, Brian " Bunner " Davies.


With our thanks to the many photographers & film makers
who's photo's & clips appear here including
[†] Rockera Mutante [†] John Harris Dewstow Golf Club ,
Dave Brighton , John Kennedy, Paul Dickenson & Pat Labelle


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Quotes taken from The Crazy Cavan Website plus additional material from the Fan Club
and * Quote from Cavan in an interview with Fred Turgis from Jumping from 6 to 6 in 2010



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